Now Available on DVD: DEATH TRADERS (1957), Price 15 USD, متوفر حاليا: فيلم تجار الموت : سعر النسخة 15 دولار


107 MIN, B&W, English Subtitles 
Director: Kamal El-Shaikh
Cast: Farid Shawqi, Imane, Mahmoud Al Meleji, Rushdi Abazah

A thrilling and exciting classic revolving around a gang specialized in insurance scams by killing a beneficiary in favor of another. The mastermind behind these operations is Dr. Abbas (Mahmoud Al Meleji) who plans and executes everything along with his right-hand man Ra'oof (Rushdi Abazah). However, one day, cashier Murad (Farid Shawqi) is recruited by Dr. Abbas to become one of his gang which changes everything for himself and them.

This film was based on real events that occurred in the Egyptian society, which drove its director Kamal El-Shaikh to reflect them using a thrilling narrative on the screen. Cinema Treasures Foundation saw a significant importance to bring back this title that is still reflects a portion of the society that use criminal method as a way of life without conscience and morality. The viewer will have finally the opportunity to experience this film in a subtitled and fully restored version.

The importance of this film also lies in its directorial style that chronicled the Egyptian reality in that era with scenes shot across the streets and squares of Cairo, on the Helwan train. When it was released, the film was a box office hit. Now, it is time for new viewers to rediscover it.  

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Death Traders تجار الموت