Now Available on DVD: THE INVESTIGATION IS STILL OPEN, 1979, Price 15 USD متوفر حاليا: فيلم ولا يزال التحقيق مستمراً (سعر النسخة 15 دولار)

94 MIN, COLOR, English Subtitles 
Director: Ashraf Fahmy
Screenwriters: Bachir El Dik and Mostafa Moharram, based the novel by Ihsan Abdel Quddous
Cast: Mahmoud Yassine, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Nabila Ebeid, Tawfik El Deken and Layla Hamadah  

   The film deals with the conflict between the old-fashioned values acquired by schoolteacher Hussein and his sister Mervat versus false values represented by his wife Zeinab and her future lover Medhat. Hussein refuses to give private lessons because he sees that as a deviation from his teacher's message. On the other hand, his wife Zeinab feels uneasy because she is seeking a more wealthy life. Things turn upside down for the young family when Medhat, Hussein’s old friend, returns wealthier from abroad. Inside Hussein, a secret old envy since their school days when Hussein was always a renowned student. Adultery, deceit and murder follow…

THE INVESTIGATION IS STILL OPEN is a distinguished experience in Egyptian filmmaking for its diving in the Egyptian society during the late 1970s. The film’s female star Nabila Ebeid received Best Actress Alexandria Film Festival 1979 not to mention a public acclaim for her performance. 
The Cinema Treasures Foundation tends to satisfy the various tastes of the viewers by presenting this restored and subtitled copy of this film to propagate the Egyptian culture to the world through the 7th art. The film provides an insight on many similar individuals who aim for wealth which seeking a rightful way, hence they deviate in their life passage. 

THE INVESTIGATION IS STILL OPEN through its screenplay and direction is a psychological new take on the eternal cinema triangle and the motives of its trio. 

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The Investigation Is Still Open ولا يزال التحقيق مستمرا